Where is all this leading to?

The question arises at 2am while studying for the ridiculous LSATs on a U.S. national holiday, why am I doing this to myself? Do I really think I will be rewarded after all my years of struggle? For whom am I doing this? Is another worthless degree really going to make my life better? That’s essentially what all my degrees are – pieces of paper that are worthless. They look great hanging on the wall and serve as placeholders, with no real utility value. I try to concentrate on the prepbook questions and yet my mind keeps coming back to just one question, playing over and over in my head: “why did they do this me? why did they do this to me? why did they do this to me?…”

I am afraid I will never find a logical, rational and educated answer. There are no logical, rational and educated answers for illogical, irrational and uneducated actions. They only have grave and dire consequences for the innocent people that are targets of those actions.

And like in any war, the perpetrators walk away freely and merrily. Enveloped in despair and ruin, the victims helplessly watch their world falling apart. Their only tool is a pen, and with it they embark on a journey to the horizon…

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