United States to accept around 60000 refugees


The United States is committed to accepting at least 60,000 of the refugees from Nepal, with between 30,000 and 40,000 expected to head there by the end of 2009.

Canada has agreed to re-settle 5,000 refugees, while Australia, Denmark, the

Netherlands, New Zealand and Norway say they will take others.


Let me get this straight. The great altruistic United States of America is opening up its borders for refugees from Bhutan and Nepal, people who do not necessarily speak English, may find it quit difficult to adjust to American culture, and don’t really have any professional skills. You know I am not at all jingoistic or xenophobic, its great that America is finally doing something for humanity besides bombing the life out of innocent people. But WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT OUR TEENAGERS AND ADULTS THAT WERE BROUGHT HERE ILLEGALLY BY THEIR PARENTS OR FORCED TO OVERSTAY THEIR VISAS FOR THE SAKE OF FAMILY UNITY, AND DO NOT HAVE THE CHANCE TO WORK, DRIVE, AND AN EDUCATION WITHOUT HIGH COSTS? It’s extremely important to realize that we did not break any laws; our parents did. Then why are we being punished for a crime we did not commit? We speak English, accustomed to American culture, as law-abiding as your average American and some of us are highly-skilled, intellectual and among the best students in our departments. Ignoring a problem does NOT make it go away.

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