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Deconstructing the New DHS S-Comm Announcement

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“ICE has determined that a [memorandum of agreement] is not required to activate or operate Secure Communities for any jurisdiction” — Director John Morton in letter to states saying no agreement is necessary on their part for S-COMM. I read through press releases from major immigration advocacy groups and each statement failed to analyze why DHS came out with this announcement. Most immigrant rights advocates simply don’t understand how S-Comm works. There’s actually no opting out of the growing archipelago …

DREAM Perception

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Favianna Rodriguez, who is a really badass and talented Oakland-based artivist, just did some pieces on DREAMERS and our/their complexities. You can read about it on her blog. The image on the left is a portrait of me by Favianna inspired by one of my various rants. It’s always interesting to see how others see, perceive and envision you. How they present you to the world. And compare it to the image you have of yourself. I recognize my nose. …


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If you read nothing today (and hopefully not any of my hormonal teenage crap), you should certainly read this piece: Whenever people in the United States ask if I’ve ever been camping, I say “No, but does refugee camping count?” Apparently it’s only Real Camping if you take a shit in the deep woods. I had to shit in the desert in the wide open, and there was no environmentally friendly self-dissolving toilet paper out there. We used the sand …

Placid Pool

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I am a placid pool You look at me, speaking volumes with your eyes I want to drown in them Even when your eyes seem to drown within me. You chatter non-stop, from nonsense to sense to more nonsense, I listen quietly, never interrupting your onslaught, Instead, I hear what you don’t say, feel what you can’t express, understand what you cannot yet comprehend. Your gentle whisper like a cool breeze upon touching me causes thousands of ripples spreading far …


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“But sexuality is fluid.” “Yes. My sexuality is very fluid in terms of moving from one woman to the next.” I am writing a novel. I’m re-writing it as I write it. And I’m too possessive about it right now to share it with anyone for feedback. But I can promise plenty of women and sex, sordid affairs and dark humor, and several tales of almost too good to be true love. We evolve as writers over time. We actually …

“I Am Undocumented” T-shirts

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I know $24 (which includes shipping and handling) is a lot to shell out for a t-shirt but you’ll be supporting a worthy cause. Buy them here Plus, I’ve been told that we make being undocumented pretty sexy and the t-shirts are awesome. I won’t get into the gender and sexuality politics of that right now.

Morons of the Week: California State Bar Association Turns Into ICE

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I thought lawyers usually became criminals after joining the bar but if you are undocumented, you need to try harder. I know several attorneys who are undocumented but passed the bar and practice in California. Hence, it thoroughly disgusts me that the California state bar has started to act like Immigration and Customs Enforcement and is requiring hard-working undocumented student law graduates for their “papers please.” Sergio Garcia was brought to this country from Mexico when he was 17 months …

Speaking Out: Invisible South Asian Americans

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I guest-blogged this relatively nice piece for South Asian Americans Leading Together last week: Six undocumented immigrant youth — Dulce (18), Jessica (17), Felipe (24), Richie (16), Nataly (16) and Leeidy (16) — sat down in the middle of an intersection in Georgia this past week, in a protest against the latest wave of anti-immigrant terror unleashed by the Southern state. It is not the first act of civil disobedience led by undocumented youth and it is certainly not the …

Schizophrenia of Capitalism

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I’m learning that one can be an agent of production and reproduction, but not change or take control of her own production and reproduction. At least, that is what I am told while my body and story is appropriated for some grand project in ways that I don’t always appreciate. I’m trying to live, act and breathe within this complex dilemma of vying to stay with my American family even while rejecting my belonging to any project that perpetuates the …

American Exceptionalism vs. the “Damn Paki”

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I think everyone should read about how ICE is trying to drug and deport a young immigrant back to South Africa and especially this in particular: Immigration is not just black and white, fueled by immigrants’ search of money and better economic opportunities. There are many underlying socio-political forces and policies that drive migration flows, whether it be NAFTA, genocide, war, drugs and other goods, or the still-too-relevant effects of imperial colonialism. People are quick to say, “Oh, Country X …