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Don’t ask me anything about this till after the Law school applications are in, hopefully mid-December.
This paper begins with an investigation of the lives of some undocumented students living in the United States who have been raised as Americans, but not seen as belonging to America. Historically, the notion of citizenship emerged with the abstract idea of the nation; citizens being the free romanticized abstract subjects belonging to an imagined space or community with allegiance only to the nation. With a discourse opposed to the hegemonic idea of national belonging, the ‘illegal’ or undocumented person has long threatened this free romanticized vision of the citizen, and hence the hegemonic project of the nation.
To be fundamentally American and yet marked as a political, social and cultural ‘Other’ means little legal redress, few job opportunities, multiple conflicting identities, and bleak prospects to eventual citizenship and national belonging for the undocumented student. Using original interviews with undocumented students fighting for the DREAM Act and their narratives, this paper seeks to answer the following questions: How do these undocumented students create spaces for themselves? How do they resist or come to terms with their statelessness, battle the label of an ‘illegal’ and the markings of racialized foreignness? The citizen/non-citizen, legal/illegal, inside/outside, us/them binary discourses that emerge in the political quagmire are seen as spatial placeholders and dividers that ultimately work for the nation-state project. Eventually, the paper deconstructs notions of the nation and nationhood, citizenship and belonging, renegotiating what it really means to be American.

United States to accept around 60000 refugees

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The United States is committed to accepting at least 60,000 of the refugees from Nepal, with between 30,000 and 40,000 expected to head there by the end of 2009.

Canada has agreed to re-settle 5,000 refugees, while Australia, Denmark, the

Netherlands, New Zealand and Norway say they will take others.


Let me get this straight. The great altruistic United States of America is opening up its borders for refugees from Bhutan and Nepal, people who do not necessarily speak English, may find it quit difficult to adjust to American culture, and don’t really have any professional skills. You know I am not at all jingoistic or xenophobic, its great that America is finally doing something for humanity besides bombing the life out of innocent people. But WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT OUR TEENAGERS AND ADULTS THAT WERE BROUGHT HERE ILLEGALLY BY THEIR PARENTS OR FORCED TO OVERSTAY THEIR VISAS FOR THE SAKE OF FAMILY UNITY, AND DO NOT HAVE THE CHANCE TO WORK, DRIVE, AND AN EDUCATION WITHOUT HIGH COSTS? It’s extremely important to realize that we did not break any laws; our parents did. Then why are we being punished for a crime we did not commit? We speak English, accustomed to American culture, as law-abiding as your average American and some of us are highly-skilled, intellectual and among the best students in our departments. Ignoring a problem does NOT make it go away.

Dream Act Video – Washington – Parts 1-3

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Unreported World: China – Behind the Economic Boom

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Unreported World: Brazil Slum Warfare

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Unreported World – Somalia

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I figured if the KKK and Alilosers have websites, why can’t I? :) It would probably be more enriching and intellectual than most of the crap on the world wide web.

How this feels…

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This was written a long while ago

Ever wonder what compels a person to go to bed every night wishing that they wouldn’t see tomorrow? Lay in bed and watch the clock as the seconds tick by, turn into minutes and the minutes turn into hours?
Maybe its fear of bad outcomes, dread about something upcoming, maybe its immense physical or emotional pain or maybe the person is just psychotic?

But what if it is none of the above? What if its something very ironic – what if for this person, time doesn’t mean seconds, minutes, hours, days or months, but they are stuck in a moment where time has come to standstill? So this person is alive, but not really living? That the tomorrow of tonight is simple a promise betrayed?
A normal person would love to be in a timeless existence and to keep to themselves and do whatever they want while having their clothes, food, shelter, and even their laundry done for them. But what if this person isn’t normal? What if they have great potential, extraordinary intelligence and a noble character underneath a brittle surface? And what if instead of doing what they were born to do, they desperately seek solace and comfort in things they wouldn’t normally do?

What happens when the ones closest to you, the ones that gave birth to you and the ones that claim to love you and stand by you forever, betray you in a way that you question every existing relationship? Why are virtual strangers in distant lands apparently privy to your most intimate emotions more so than those who claim to know you in person but don’t really know anything about you? What happens when life and time begin to move virtually? When you only live and think in a timeless virtual existence, much like the Phantom Zone?
Is it better than the daily struggles of life? Working 8-5, coming home to cook and clean, tending to people and relationships?

To top it off, what happens while you are in the Phantom Zone and the people around you are on a different time plane, and continue to be moronic and ask stupid questions that you can answer more intelligently even without being in their world?

What if you know your potential will always remain inside and buried, slowly killed off by dispassion due to the timeless existence? Freedom means another place, another time, another identity, another type of society, another mode of production – the combination of impossible anomalies.

This brings up a compelling question. Is life really than an imprisonment? Vacations, chocolates, television sets and forays into illegitimate relationships an escape from captivity? Do we not all console ourselves at some point of our education and career that it all gets better one day? That we won’t have to work so hard, be in a better position and be able to afford a lot more? At what point are we free from the struggles of daily life, free from tangled relationships, free from the judgment of people and society, free from norms and values, free from war, disease, poverty and hunger? Does freedom then become elusive, a state of being rather than a material condition that can be conceptualized and actualized?
Are we just like the spider on the cobweb which spins long, complex and intricate webs but will always be stuck in the confines of one small place until they die?

What happens when the spinning in our heads reaches this conclusion over and over and over?
It’s when you go to bed at night wishing for everything to end.

Bainimarama Persecutes Dissenters

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The showdown between two power-hungry Fijians continues and now coupster Bainimarama is threatening military force for anyone that disagrees with him.

Armed forces chief Commodore Frank Bainimarama said a security lockdown of the capital, Suva, would be extended because comments by Qarase and others that he said could incite violence.

Qarase said over the weekend he planned to return to Suva from the outlying island where he fled last Wednesday, the day after being deposed by Bainimarama in a bloodless takeover. Qarase has urged peaceful resistance to the coup, but warned that the takeover was divisive.

Bainimarama said such comments “could incite people, and their actions could very easily turn into a situation where the military will have to confront them with force.”

Qarase’s claims to want to return to power indicated he and his supporters are willing to use violence, Bainimarama told reporters Monday.

Those speaking out against the military many of whom have claimed in recent days to have been picked up by soldiers and taken to Suva’s main military barracks and interrogated “are being told in no uncertain terms the consequences of their actions,” Bainimarama said.

Source: Associated Press Worldstream

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