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It’s Time to Learn to Drive

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A car accident in Tokyo, Japan.

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Dear Driver of CX3004,

You are a lucky person. You rammed your car right into me when I had a green light, breaking my bike gears and throwing me off balance onto the oncoming traffic. I could have died. I was carrying no identification documents on me and I currently have no medical or life insurance. My family lives in California and they wouldn’t have known what happened to me for a very long time.

I was riding at a snail pace of 5 miles an hour uphill on Massachusetts Avenue.  There’s no way you could not see me unless you are blind. I get that you are elderly. You are probably someone’s mom and grandmom, just like I’m someone’s daughter and grand-daughter. That’s probably why I didn’t report you. You are probably traumatized that you hit me. I’m traumatized too. I’m tired of illegal drivers hitting me and driving away or taking advantage of the fact that I never call the police on them. The last time I inadvertently reported something to the cops, they came home to take my father away. But I digress.

Just do us all a favor and get off the road before you kill someone.

P.S. I’m glad that my gears left giant scrapes on your front bender and hope it costs you more to fix it than it costs me to repair my bike.

P.P.S. As a public service announcement, I’d just like to tell everyone to stop honking at cyclists. It’s against the law in many jurisdictions because you can actually cause an accident by startling the cyclist.

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Top-Gear, Top-Notch Racism from BBC Network

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A host of the popular show ‘Top Gear’ described a Mexican car and people as “lazy, feckless, and flatulent” on a recent show. And it is not going over well with a lot of people.

The icing on the cake is that the Top Gear hosts were confident that people would not complain. Especially the Mexican Ambassador to the UK, who they pre-supposed, would be asleep on the job. After all, Mexicans love to eat refried cheesy food and sleep against the fence with their coat hanging on a cactus, according to the hosts.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch it for yourselves while you can since BBC is in a rush to take down all videos of these offensive remarks for “copyright violations.”

I think the better question is why would anyone watch such a filthy and ignorant show?

Mexican Ambassador Medina has urged Hammond, the show presenters and the BBC, to apologize for what he says are “offensive”, “xenophobic” and “humiliating” remarks. I urge you to do the same. Tell BBC and Top Gear hosts that this type of humor is unacceptable.

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The End of An Era For Homeland Security

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Homeland Security Advisory System scale.

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It’s about time Homeland Security got rid of the color-coded terror alerts that helped protect our freedoms and preserve our liberties. Our lives are going to be empty and boring for a little while but I’m sure we’ll find something new and entertaining soon enough.

The Obama administration plans to replace the widely mocked color-coded terror warnings with a simpler, two-tier system: “imminent threat” or “elevated threat,” with more detailed information.

“The alerts will be specific to the threat,” a senior administration official told POLITICO. “They may ask you to take certain actions, or to look for specific suspicious behavior. And they will have an end date. …. [The Department of Homeland Security] will implement this new system on a clear and simple premise: When a threat develops that could impact the public, we will tell you. ”

Read more: (If you want to)

RIP: Terror Alerts

Obama Congratulates Fiji

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It seems like the undeserving Nobel Peace Prize has gone to Barack Obama’s head or maybe it is his lack of knowledge of international affairs. He has been caught congratulating Fiji for the ‘rule of law’ and ‘democratic ideals’ it shares with the United States.

The United States President Barrack Obama says America stands with the people of Fiji in their pursuit of a brighter future.

Fijilive reports President Obama sent a Fiji Day message, on behalf of the American people, congratulating the people of Fiji on the 39th anniversary of Fiji’s Independence on October 10.

He says Fiji and the US enjoy a friendship founded on the mutual commitment to peace, freedom, the rule of law, and democratic ideals.

President Obama says it is through a shared commitment to these ideals that the friendship between the two countries has developed so strongly over the years.”

The note, sent via the US Embassy in Suva, is addressed to “the people of Fiji” and signed “sincerely, Barack Obama”.

Mr Obama, last we checked, Fiji was a military dictatorship ran by an illegitimate government that has abrogated the Constitution and now serves as judge, jury and executioner.  How about you address this in your next note to the illegal dictator, Commodore Bainamarama, and give us some of the change we can believe in?

Any national leader who abolishes his country’s constitution and overturns its judiciary because their strictures and findings do not agree with his idea of democracy, is not worthy to hold responsible office. Bainimarama has hung on to power for far too long by drastically changing the rules and ensuring that articles critical to the government remain unreported. Fiji is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship.

Bainimarama: I Staged Coup to Stop Terrorists

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While Lasenia Qarase and his corrupt government was nothing to extol and praise, Bainimarama labeled them as ‘terrorists’ at the United Nations General Assembly, in order to legitimise his reign:

I believe that these critics are largely unaware of the extent to which politicians, in league with those who employ terror as a tactic to push a racial supremacy and corrupt agenda, had become a threat to the safety and security of our people. Terrorism has become a global issue and it impacts Fiji as well. We are fully cooperating in the international effort to control and contain this scourge.

The full speech is here, courtesy Coup 4.5

Commodore, you are reigning over Fiji with the military, using force and terror tactics. What does that make your regime?

Morons of the Week – Outraged ‘Liberal’ Americans

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This is the last I will post on the topic.

The POTUS denigrated both immigrants and women in this country within the space of 40 seconds, and most Americans are more concerned over two words from a right-wing idiot that violated decorum. So concerned that they poured a million already into the election bid of the heckler’s opponent, Rob Miller, without even knowing what the candidate is all about.

That’s how rights are lost so easily in this country. People paying attention and giving weight to the wrong things to the point that they end up being on the losing end. What’s the underlying result? More taxpayer dollars spent on eligibility verification that excludes more people, not to mention higher health care insurance premiums because less people are eligible to pay into the system. Bravo.

The Home Mortgage Saga Continues

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The infamous Indymac Bank (One West) has once again refused to modify our house mortgage. What is the excuse this time?

“Your expense/income ratio does not fit into our system.”


When asked for clarification, the service representative explained that our expenses are much more than our income, hence the loan could not be modified.

Yes, well of course our expenses are more than our income. That is precisely why we are seeking a loan modification!! If our income was more than expense, why would we seek and receive modification?!

This is a common problem facing home owners wanting to modify their loans–the banks are refusing to budge and forcing people out of their homes. A reader comments:

Indymac is doing the same thing to us. We are on our third attempt to modify our loan. Twice they’ve told us to pay a certain amount for three months only to deny the modification at the end of the third month stating paperwork missing or that offer is no longer available. I don’t know what to do. I can’t afford a lawyer and to pay the doubled loan amount they conjured up because we were late on a property tax payment. We reimbursed indymac for their property tax payment, but they misappropriated the funds and state that they can’t take such a payment eventhough they told us to do so. Now they are just screwing with us trying to steal our home.

It is a concerted effort to steal our homes. This is the narrative: When we call the lenders for help with our mortgage, they tell us there is nothing they can do till we miss a payment. So we go ahead and miss payments and then the warning letters arrive. We file and refile income/expense reports, negotiate for a good package but keep getting rejected. The process drags on for months, costing us time, money, energy and sleep. They keep losing files, misappropriating funds, crashing their systems, changing their numbers, and rolling out ‘new packages’ that they later reject when you apply for them. A year later, they tell us there is nothing they can do but ‘foreclose’ the house. How many stories fit into this narrative?

Indymac, here’s a counter-narrative for you to comprehend: modify our home mortgage because you are surely not getting our house. If you do get around to foreclosing our house, you face a loss of over half a million dollars. Why don’t you grow a brain and do what is best for you?

Morons of the Week: ‘Indymac’ (OneWest Bank)

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Indymac and the people who work on the mortgage modification programs at the bank have to go down as the morons of the month. Apparently, even under the services of One West Bank, it is still an utter failure as a financial institution.

Background: There was a time when we had equity on our home but with the real estate bubble burst, the property has gone from $710K to $250.

In the past year, due to the recession, we have lost more than 50% of our gross household income. It is no longer possible to pay $3.5K per month as mortgage, especially with a similar property tax figure per 6 months. And there is nothing to gain from foreclosing. But Indymac and Citibank–our two house mortgage loan owners–have been relentless in their pursuit of God-Only-Knows-What.

(Citibank actually wrote a letter this past June saying that they would send someone to our property to inspect whether we are still staying here, and we would have to pay for it. Our attorney took care of that ridiculous proposition).

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Your Janitor is Probably Smarter than You Part II

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Gasp! Your Janitor is probably smarter than you is back!!


Why is there a turkey walking around the parking lot of one of the buildings that we clean? The owners called Animal Control but they couldn’t help since turkey is considered ‘wildlife.’ In the meantime, the turkey continues to roam the building, poop on the front mat and make work for us. I don’t understand why someone doesn’t just take the turkey home and have an early Thanksgiving!

Janitors don’t tidy. We clean.
There is a very essential difference between cleaning and tidying. If your floor is covered with piles of boxes, paper and miscellaneous items scattered around, we can clean-up what is ascertained as ‘dirt’ but cannot tidy your floor for you.

Sunflower seeds should be banned from office spaces. Banned. Banned. Banned. Actually, it should be a question on the employee qualification forms and during the interview process: Can you aim all your sunflower shells into the garbage bin or do they just end up scattered on the floor? You can’t? Next please.

Women are usually much better than men at using bathrooms (and many other things). But, please stop flushing your tampons down the toilet! There’s like four signs in the bathroom — on the door, near the mirror, on the tampon machine and even on the bathroom door as you take a poop or piss. We just had to remove the tampon machine because people can’t follow instructions.

Stop bringing your dogs to work! Half of the vacuum is filled with dog-hair and bone fragments! Actually this reminds me — stop bringing your dog to the gym, and especially not the women’s room! It’s not like you are blind and need the dog around for work or exercise!

Nothing beats how some men use their urinals. Why on earth are pee stains found 6 foot above the ground? Please do the gravity-defying target practicing with your guns in your own home. Or better yet, clean up your mess after yourself.

‘Anti-Illegal Immigration’ is a euphemism for Anti-Immigrant

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“So if the government designates a term [alien] for a group of people, I don’t see what makes it pejorative…”

Uh-huh, similarly, when the state labels people as ‘Gooks’ and ‘Niggers,’ there is absolutely no pejorative.

NumbersUSA also cringes at the phrase ‘illegal immigrant’ because they consider it an oxymoron. An ‘immigrant’ refers to ONLY a legal permanent resident, hence the term immigrant cannot be ‘illegal.’ That’s quite a leap from any English dictionary definition. I wonder what they call someone who came here legally, filed all the correct paperwork and then ‘aged out.’ Accidentally-illegal immigrant?

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) broadly defines an immigrant as any alien in the United States, except one legally admitted under specific nonimmigrant categories (INA section 101(a)(15)). Legal or illegal entry/presence does not make one less of an ‘immigrant’ under the law.

As for using the word ‘alien’:

“Alien” is a legal term defined in the Immigration and Nationality Act and used in immigration court and Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) decisions day in and day out. “Illegal alien” and “illegal immigrant” are not.

Needless to say, this roundtable conversation was disgusting and devoid of intellect and the ethnic media groups were equally as clueless.

Differentiating that someone is against ‘illegal immigration’ and not legal immigration belies and ignores a broken system of immigration that:
1. Disallows people from immigrating legally even when they want to
2. Renders and labels human beings as ‘illegal’

You still insist that you want unauthorized migrants to do things legally? Recognize that the system makes that impossible in many cases, and that it takes a certain amount of economic privilege to get all the immigration paperwork right. And even then, U.S. citizen children are fighting to keep their parents here and U.S. citizen parents are being separated from their ‘aged-out’ children. Realize that harsh economic realities such as NAFTA have pitted business above labor and devastated conditions in Mexico to the point that migration is the only resort.

If right-wing anti-immigrant groups were really against only ‘illegal immigration,’ they would be doing everything in their power to fix the broken legal immigration system so people would not be forced to either immigrate illegally or worse, ‘fall out of line.’

And referencing this great post by Dave again – ‘Illegal alien’ and ‘illegal immigrant’ are the real euphemisms.