Give Arizona Back to Mexico: The Sequel

Arizona Route Marker

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SB 1070 was just the tip of the ice-berg. Now that other states are rushing and tripping over themselves to try to beat Arizona at anti-immigrant hate, the grand old state is defending its position as the most hateful state with a growing passion.
On the agenda:
• Not granting citizenship to children born in the US with non-citizen parents. Unconstitutional, 14th Amendment
• Preventing undocumented children from enrolling in K-12 public or private schools as well as community colleges and universities. Unconstitutional as per Plyler v. Doe
• Prohibiting undocumented immigrants from driving or buying a vehicle. Stupid.
• Denying undocumented immigrants a marriage license in Arizona. Unconstitutional due to federal pre-emption over immigration matters.

Congratulations Arizona. You are trying so hard to get rid of immigrants that your whole state is now involved in illegal activities.

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