Bainimarama Persecutes Dissenters

The showdown between two power-hungry Fijians continues and now coupster Bainimarama is threatening military force for anyone that disagrees with him.

Armed forces chief Commodore Frank Bainimarama said a security lockdown of the capital, Suva, would be extended because comments by Qarase and others that he said could incite violence.

Qarase said over the weekend he planned to return to Suva from the outlying island where he fled last Wednesday, the day after being deposed by Bainimarama in a bloodless takeover. Qarase has urged peaceful resistance to the coup, but warned that the takeover was divisive.

Bainimarama said such comments “could incite people, and their actions could very easily turn into a situation where the military will have to confront them with force.”

Qarase’s claims to want to return to power indicated he and his supporters are willing to use violence, Bainimarama told reporters Monday.

Those speaking out against the military many of whom have claimed in recent days to have been picked up by soldiers and taken to Suva’s main military barracks and interrogated “are being told in no uncertain terms the consequences of their actions,” Bainimarama said.

Source: Associated Press Worldstream

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